Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a blog post about absolutely nothing

Every now and then, I just want to write and write, but nothing comes to mind. So here's a little blog post about absolutely nothing that only my mother will probably read. Hi, mama. 

We woke up to snow this morning. Lily is still very sick and so we're cuddling indoors today. She has recently discovered the merriment in ripping Christmas ornaments off of the bottom branches, so now we only have a half decorated tree. 

I am positively awful at getting our Christmas cards out every year. This is our third Christmas as a married couple and I still wait until the last minute to get them sent out. I've been embroidering my heart out and Paul finally encouraged me to close down my etsy shop for the remainder of the holidays so that I might spare myself death from sleep deprivation.

Later today, we are cutting out snowflakes to hang in our window and then cuddling by the fire before Paul has to leave for Montana. 

I have so very much to do but I really would like to just sit here and look at pretty things on the internet, like these sweet little hedgehog measuring cups.

1 comment:

  1. i so almost bought those measuring cups when they went on flash sale the other day. big regret. i love posts about nothing, and at least you send a card. for the 3rd year in our marriage, i have failed. i also never sent out birth announcements for either boys. one day.