Sunday, December 16, 2012

month ten

Party tricks:

-Crawling from room to room faster than the speed of light
-Standing without holding onto anything
-Walking with her walker
-Stealing daddy's internet cables
-Shaking her head "no" to every question we ask her
-Chattering with her stuffed animals
-Sabotaging the baby gate
-Clapping when daddy hurts himself
-Giggling for no reason at all
-Standing behind our floor length windows and yelling at cars
-Cuddling just because
-Refusing to sleep without her blanket
-Carrying food and objects around in her mouth while she crawls
-Getting into everything
-Licking electrical outlets
-Sliding around on the hard wood floors in her pajamas (she thinks it's hilarious)
-Brushing her own hair
-Clapping when we clap
-Getting really sick and scaring her mama
-Sharing her toys and playing chase with her friends
-Getting into her book bins and spending hours (in baby time) reading
-Jumping up and down in her crib
-Walking in between pieces of furniture
-Spitting out any medicine we put into her mouth
-Trying to break out of her car seat
-Floating in the bathtub
-Pooping in the bathtub
-Giving kisses on demand
-Eating Christmas ornaments
-Opening Christmas presents early
-Putting on her innocent face for Santa

See months nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one.

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