Saturday, July 14, 2012

month five

Party Tricks:

-stealing mama's glasses
-trying to break out of her carseat
-"running" while nursing
-biting daddy's fingers with her two new teeth
-making a fishy face when she is hungry
-drooling on everything
-wanting to drink out of everything that we drink
-yelling at Sesame Street, cars, and random passerby
-sucking on her fingers, toes, and pacifier all at the same time
-giggling when we throw her in the air
-rolling over and getting stuck
-is *this close* to sitting up on her own
-squealing when she sees Elmo
-refusing to take medicine
-loves bath time more than dry time
-blowing enormous snot bubbles
-throwing herself out of our arms when she sees something that she wants
-battling the sun (pictures soon to come)
-pulling mama's hair
-eating mama's pearl necklace
-being really sweet to us

See months one, two, three, and four.

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