Thursday, June 14, 2012

month four

Party tricks:
-squealing in jubilation
-sucking on her toes and/or fingers at every open opportunity
-giggling at everything
-pulling mama's hair
-eating mama's hair
-wriggling constantly
-rolling over onto her belly
-licking her chew teething toys like an ice cream cone
-tooting herself awake
-holding her own bottle
-grabbing at anything mildly interesting within a ten inch radius
-twisting out of our arms if she sees herself in the mirror
-trying to fit as many pacifiers in her mouth as possible
-rubbing her eyes when she's sleepy
-pulling out her pacifier and throwing it onto the most germ-ridden possible surface
-smiling adoringly when we're trying to get her to go to sleep

See months one, two, and three.

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