Saturday, January 12, 2013

taking down the Christmas tree

It's almost two weeks into the new year and we're only just now taking down our Christmas decorations. Don't judge us, we're Christmas fanatics over here. Lily enjoyed helping take down the lights and trying to pull the Christmas tree back out of its box. 

While we were packing cherished ornaments away, Paul and I discussed how the next time we lay eyes on these, we're going to be the parents of an almost-two-year-old! We speculated over what she's going to look and act like and decided that it was just unfathomable. It feels like just yesterday she was learning to crawl and now she is running with her walker and calling us 'MAAAA' and 'DAAAA' and signing over Skype with her grandpa. As I write this, she is picking the ornaments out of the box one by one. Oh wait, now she's tipped the entire thing over. 

Here's to another year of being parents to the sweetest little hobbit we ever did know.

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