Monday, January 14, 2013

month eleven

Party tricks:

-falling asleep on top of whatever book she's been flipping through
-running with her walker
-feeding herself anything she finds on the floor
-giving the best open-mouthed kisses
-banging on her piano and singing
-shaking her head 'no' when we say "no"
-shaking her head 'no' when we're laying her down on the changing table
-screaming in delight and waving frantically at every baby she meets
-conducting the classical music we always have playing
-trying to climb the baby gate
-trying to climb out of the bathtub
-falling face-first into her diaper bag
-pulling as many toys out of her toy box as possible
-screaming any time she sees us with food that we aren't sharing with her
-shoving as many tomatoes and blackberries into her mouth as possible
-banging on our floor length windows
-standing without pulling herself up on anything
-dancing whenever we dance
-singing any time she hears music
-trying to say her name
-mimicking anything and everything we do
-babbling to her rabbit
-insists on holding on to mama's skirt or pant leg when she's tired
-waving goodbye any time someone goes out the front door
-sharing her pacifier any time she thinks someone is sad

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