Thursday, March 21, 2013

tiptoeing through the tulips (and snow)

my very first tulip bloom

It's been so lovely and warm the past  few days that  my tulips and I really began to believe that spring was here.

Well, today (or yesterday?)  is/was the spring equinox and now it is snowing.

Go home, Utah. You're drunk.

We've been eating really healthy this week. It's made me realize how much junk we eat regularly.  I made the creamiest mac and cheese with pureed squash in it the other night. 

I've been bragging to everyone about it and making them feel uncomfortable. I told the guy who bagged my groceries what I was making for dinner, and the look on his face clearly said, "your poor husband".


  1. The other day it was beautiful and sunny in Rexburg. Yesterday it snowed/rained. Utah and Idaho are so bipolar....

  2. ugh, the high here today is 28. i hate this weather! but i do love weird looks from healthy meals! rock on!

  3. I thought the same thing as that guy at the grocery store.