Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY: floral crowns

Once upon a time, there was a little girl with too many freckles and crooked front teeth who loved her grandfather's lush and vibrant garden. All summer long, she tied dandelion crowns for herself and frolicked through fields of floral bliss. That little girl grew up, met a handsome prince, and had a little girl of her very own.

I've still got freckles, but I ditched the crooked teeth (thank you, braces!) and now I'm going to share with you a more sophisticated way to make floral crowns. I like this method a little better, because these floral crowns are a little more durable. A DIY post on how to fold and tie flowers together is coming soon.

Start by choosing 2-3 types of flowers. I prefer simplicity, but some might like to choose an assortment of different flowers. Remove all leaves from flower stems.

Wrap wire twice around your head, and leave enough extra to secure your base, as shown below. Double check that it fits comfortably on top of your head.

Wrap enough floral tape to cover the wire that you used to secure your base. This should be the front of your crown.

Bunch a few flowers together and wrap lightly with floral tape. 

Start with your center piece, or where you want the highlight of your crown to be. I chose three budding tulips. Wrap each flower one at a time with floral tape around the wire.

After you have attached your central piece, begin adding the bunches of flowers you made. Go all the way around the wire, and secure the back with some extra floral tape. Add a ribbon and voila! You are a woodland fairy.


  1. Thank you for this DIY - beautiful!

  2. Love, love, LOVE these photos, esp. the one of you! Beautiful!

  3. These are lovely! What a fun tutorial! :)