Saturday, May 25, 2013

garden{ing} party

Welp, we are officially going to have fresh vegetables this summer! Last Saturday, we had a garden{ing} party with our church friends at a local plot. We ate bagels with schmear and worked in the rain most of the time. Lily loved eating playing in the dirt and even learned to pick up rocks and throw them into a bucket.

 I'm so excited about this garden because I grew up eating straight out of my grandparents' vegetable garden.  I remember helping my grandmother shell black-eyed peas and thinking, "WHY can't we just buy them from a can like normal people?" Hers always tasted better than anything store-bought and I never appreciated that until I began tending my own garden and feeding my own family. The raw aroma of tomato (tomat-uh in Texas) plants on a hot July day makes me ache for home in Texas. I can almost hear the cicadas buzzing in the trees and the sound of my grandpa's rifle as he shoots tomato worms. Summer in Texas is miserably hot, but oh, how wonderful it is and how I miss it so.

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