Tuesday, February 18, 2014

once upon a birthday cake

Once upon a time in Birthday Cake Land, there lived a mama who just couldn't create beautiful layer cakes. Some leaned too far to the left. Some leaned too far to the right. Others were uneven and had chunks missing out of the sides. Some even caught fire in the oven.

Okay, okay. That mama is me. I have NEVER been able to bake a perfect layer cake. 

Until this year! Huzzah!

At last, I finally didn't destroy/burn/smash a layer cake. Lily's second birthday cake will go down in Phillips history. Possibly because I had far more patience than I usually do and let the cake completely cool before icing it. Funny how big of a difference that makes. But hey, I win the internetz, amirite?


Can't you just hear a wood nymph choir singing. "OOOoooOOOoooo!!!"?

I even "embroidered" the cake with sprinkles because I suck at frosting. 

Of course, once Lily sees that I'm photographing something pristine and perfect, her toddler senses kick in and urge her to conquer and destroy. 

And then my her beautiful cake was pillaged.

I let her stick her face in the icing a few times, then I saved it for when her uncles could be there to witness the candle blowing ceremony. (later that evening)

Lily was enthralled with her candles. She blew them out and then ordered her daddy to re-light them at least six times.

Also, can anyone explain to me why there is so little time in between her birthdays?

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  1. The cake is so cute and so is your daughter. And I agree, it goes so fast! Even reading this blog, I swear Lily just had her first birthday tea party!