Sunday, April 26, 2015

a blessing day

Our last Sunday in our BYU ward, Paul gave Jack a blessing. 

It was the sweetest.

Paul blessed him to become a leader and hard worker who loves our Heavenly Father.

I really hope my baby boy becomes those things.

Jack wore Paul's blessing outfit and I couldn't be more giddy over it. However, Jack fills it in quite a bit more than teeny tiny Paul did. 

Jack's got more rolls than a bakery! They're a nightmare to keep clean. But oh, so cute!

I like to kiss those little chubby creases as much as I can.

Afterwards, we grilled out hamburgers at our house, despite the rain. Jack's cousin Whitley was also blessed by her dad, Marc earlier in the day. I never thought I could be crazy over a kid who wasn't mine, but then I got a niece and I'm sort of over the moon for her.

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