Friday, April 24, 2015

baby boy

Remember that time I got pregnant with my second hobbit and blogged all about it? Nope, didn't happen. Between working full time at a mental health facility, running an etsy shop all by myself, and chasing after a rambunctious three (three! When did that happen?!) year old, blogging kind of took a seat on the back burner. I have even less spare time nowadays, but I feel that I owe it to my sweet little boy hobbit to document his life thus far. 

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I was so concerned about how I would feel about this baby boy coming into my life. Would he fit in with our family? Would I be as crazy about him as I was about newborn Lily? As it turns out, I didn't need to stress about those things in the slightest. I didn't think it would be possible to fall in love this many times - first with their father, and then again with each of my children. My heart continues to grow with each new day. I am full of the obnoxious-new-parent attitude and I'm sure everyone is getting sick of it. But I don't care. This little boy makes me melt into a big ol' fat puddle every time he smiles at me. My favorite thing is when he is crying in the car, I can reach back and hold his hand and he immediately ceases the screaming that pierces me like a hot iron. Lily has already proven that she is a daddy's girl - I have a feeling that Jack is going to be a mama's boy. If anyone else is holding him and I walk into the room, he immediately wants me, especially if he's hungry (which is pretty much always). There is nothing quite like a new baby. Despite the four months of constant nausea, the sciatica pain, and the other fun unmentionables of pregnancy, it's all worth it in the end (at least, until they're threenagers and then you begin to wonder if this foreign tantrum-ing child even belongs to you). I am so grateful for a healthy body that can house and feed a baby. 

As far as a birth story - I feel like these things are kind of private, so I've written my own version of events down for Jack, but I don't want to post it here on a public blog. Birthing is so sacred and I want our experience to be kept within the bounds of parent and child. 

Some notable things I want to remember about the last six weeks:

-baby boy grinning while nursing and sharing his smiles with only me
-falling asleep next to the dryer because he loves being held and listening to towels dry (who doesn't?)
-Paul demolishing our bathroom the day before my water broke and spending the next 72 hours non stop remodeling it so that I would have a place to pee and shower when I got home from the hospital
-the way Jack sighs when he first latches on to nurse and the grunting he does when he's awake
-Lily and Jack cuddling together and Lily singing "the itsy bitsy spider" to him
-listening to the rain fall outside of the nursery window while I rock him to sleep

I guess that's all for now. Thanks for coming into our lives, sweet Jackie boy. 

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