Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Scared of the Dark

You know what big adult girls don't do when they're alone at night?

They do not read Stephen King - or any scary book for that matter.

They do not turn on every single light in every single room.

They do not Febreze (two squirts!) every square foot of carpet.

They do not imagine scary crawly things grabbing their ankles.

They do not experiment with lipstick.

They do not download new apps like zombie generators.

They do not alphabetize their paperbacks.

And they especially do not eat chocolate.

...well, crap.

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog.. and I miss you! I can't wait til we come to Rexburg in January and will then be able to take a trip to Provo! I'm sure I could convince Jonathan... I have a Grandma in Payson! :) You'd be on the way :) Plus I'll have to see baby Lemon ;) haha