Tuesday, July 3, 2012

letters to baby

Dear Lily,

I haven't written you in awhile. You've become such a giggly, happy little sweetie that it's difficult to pull myself away from you sometimes. Right now, you're currently snoozing on my side of the bed while I lay next you. It's early in the morning and I can hear your dad munching on his cereal in the next room.

I have something a little strange to admit to you in this letter. Do you know that I regularly pray for your future wardrobe? Yes, I do. I pray that you'll be able to wear four very important white dresses in your lifetime. One, you wore this last Sunday during your baby blessing. The next three white dresses are all up to your choices in life. Choosing to wear each dress means that you are willing to take upon yourself more responsibility.

The first white dress you will have the choice whether or not to wear will be your baptism dress. When you are eight, your dad and I are going to let you choose whether or not you would like to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you choose to wear this dress, you choose to follow the example of Christ throughout your lifetime. This dress carries much responsibility. That responsibility includes being kind and accepting of others around you, no matter their lifestyle. It includes thinking and acting in ways that allow the spirit to reside in you. I promise you that if you live up to your baptismal covenants, you will lead a significantly happier life.

The next white dress to come along will take much preparation in advance. Many never make it to this dress. Your temple dress, like your baptism dress, will place upon you even greater responsibilities. I hope that you will wear this dress often throughout your lifetime. Attending the temple will help you through the inevitable difficult times in your life. This white dress you can wear many times, and the more often you wear it, the more content you will be with your life.

The final white dress is the dress that I pray for you to have the opportunity to wear. This dress should be a result of a combined choice - yours, your future husband's, and Heavenly Father's. I pray that this dress comes along at the right time, in the right place, and with the right intent.  Marriage is a beautiful covenant that blesses me and your father each day. It comes with vital covenants that will place upon you even heavier responsibilities. I pray that you stay faithful to these covenants throughout your lifetime.  I hope that you are witness to the love and happiness that a temple marriage has brought to your family. I pray that you choose a man who loves you not for your physical appearance, but for the sweet personality we already know that you have. In a world where premarital sex and divorce is rampant, I especially pray for the timing of this dress. I hope that you truly represent the white of this dress with your purity.

So sweet baby, do you see now why I pray for your future wardrobe? With each dress comes greater commitment that will allow you lead a happier life and eventually join your family again in heaven. I love you so infinitely that I cannot imagine not being with you forever. I pray daily that I set an example for you to follow so that you will choose to wear each of these white dresses.

your mother

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  1. I love this. So so beautiful. I often find myself praying that Baby Bear finds a young woman someday who has kept her covenants and is willing to marry him in the Temple. So I guess in a sense, I'm praying for his future wife's wardrobe? ha :)