Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a nutshell

So far, 2012 has been the best year yet. I'm really glad the apocalypse hasn't happened yet.

In January, I was miserably swollen and nine months pregnant. 

On Valentine's Day, we welcomed the sweetest little flower into our world. She is the perfect complement to our little family and makes every day worth getting out of bed.

We celebrated Easter in Amarillo, after our washing machine unexpectedly exploded and flooded our entire house.

In June, Paul celebrated his first Father's Day.

On July 1st, Lily received a baby blessing from her father, uncles, and grandfathers. 

We celebrated the Fourth of July with The Wellses on a hill next to the Stadium of Fire.

Also in July, I opened my very own etsy shop and was pulled by the seat of my pants into the world of online small business.

In August, we said goodbye to our old house and bought our very own. Paul and his brother Dan remodeled our entire basement in two weeks and then left on an Alaska fishing trip.

In September, we celebrated our second anniversary by roaming around Heber and Salt Lake City.

We watched lots of BYU football and visited farmer's markets.

In October, our chummy friends the Thatchers came to visit and we watched General Conference together. I'm still recovering from all of the sugar I ate that weekend.

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving in my hometown in Texas. 

And just this last month, we have decorated our house for Christmas and Santa came by for a visit!


  1. Seriously, Mandy? SERIOUSLY?

    Not a single mention of the new SO's (Significant Others) in your life? Meeting Lily's future husband and in-laws? No mention of guns or Morse code or losing your husband's love to another? Watching Walking Dead until you were afraid to walk home at night?

    I'm offended.

  2. I'm honored to have been mentioned for the 4th of July! But yes, in May you started dating us. :)